Contoh Singkat Spoof Text

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Contoh Singkat Spoof Text

"Contoh Singkat Spoof Text"-Assalamu alaikum Wr. Wb.

          One day, I woke up early. I went to school at 6 am. After arrive at school, there is nobody at school. My class was locked. I was waiting until 7 am, but nobody came. I thought there is a disaster attack my school, but everything is normal. In the next 30 minutes, I Call my friend and i asked “where are you”, “at home” he said. “why you don’t go to school?” “I want to sleep” he said and close my call. After calling many friends, but no answer, i became psimistic. In my mind, maybe there are some mafia want to go to my school. After thinking a lot, i decided to go to my principal house. When i arrived, my principal still sleep. His wife woke him up. After woke up, i ask him “why there is nobody go to school, include you sir?”. “It’s Sunday” he said with laughing

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